Hello Everyone!

My name is Terry Duncan and I live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.  I have 4 grown children, 1 son and 3 daughters, and 8 grandchildren.  My family is the most important thing in the world to me!  My son and his family live in Maine so I travel up there to see them whenever I get an opportunity.  The rest of my family lives here in Florida within a few miles of me.  We spend a lot of time together and have such great times!  I’m sure you’ll see pictures of them every once in a while.

I have been making handmade cards and scrapbooks for many years, but had to beg, borrow, and steal an hour here or there to get anything done when my children were young and I was working!  I retired from teaching elementary school about 2 years ago and the first thing I decided to do was to work on all my unfinished projects.  I hadn’t been to a  scrapbooking store since I moved about 10 years ago, so I found one in my area and decided to go buy myself some new supplies.  As I was paying for my things, I noticed a class calendar next to the cash register.   I took one home with me and a few days later, I thought to myself how nice it would be to be able to make cards or scrapbooks with other women as NONE of my family or friends were interested!  So, I decided to sign up for some card classes just to meet others and have fun.  It so happened that most of the people in the classes came to every class and I got to know them pretty well.

After a couple of months, the store owner just quit ordering supplies and hardly ever had any new paper, stamps, etc.  and one of my new friends told me she bought a lot of things on-line.  That night when I got home, I went on-line and looked up several scrapbooking sites.  One of them happened to be Stampin’ Up! which I’d never heard of before.  I read all about the company and saw how you could get a great discount by signing up to be a demonstrator!  I was very interested.

The next day was Tuesday and I had another card class.  I mentioned Stampin’ Up! to several of my friends and the instructor. They all ranted and raved about SU products and how wonderful they were, so I told them I was thinking about becoming a demonstrator just to get the discount.  Just by chance,  I had signed up to go to a class in my area that night through meetup.com.  Well, guess what!!  The person giving the card class was a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator and I got to use  her stamps, paper, cardstock, and punches.  It was love at first sight (or should I say touch!) and decided to sign up right then and there!

I enjoyed using the products I bought so much that I wanted everything in the catalog (which I couldn’t afford), so I decided to change from being a “hobbyist” to becoming a demonstrator with my own business (so I could have the extra money to buy more products) and I’ve never looked back!  I love sharing all the Stampin’ Up! products, my ideas, and techniques with others.  I love seeing the smiles at my classes and demonstrations after hearing everyone say, “I could never do that!  I don’t have a creative bone in my body!” etc. and then they do it!  I love it when I see them again and they all tell me how surprised their families and friends were when they saw their cards, scrapbook pages, or other paper creations and how much they raved about them.  They are always so proud of themselves!

I love showing everyone I can how to find their hidden creativity!  Now, if I could only get my daughters interested.)




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