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Vacation Pictures


Here are a few more pictures taken in Maine. We went spent 3 days in Eastport, which is the eastern-most city in the United States. At this time every year, the mackeral are running and my son and some friends go up there to fish for a few days. It is a very quaint New England town (population of 1000) and I loved it there. I did a lot of shopping, but not too much fishing. The fishing was so weird! You have a fishing pole with 4 hooks on the line; you cast your line out; you let it sink for about 20 seconds; then you jerk your pole back as you slowly real your line in; when you get it in, you have from 1 to 4 fish on your line! There’s no challenge to it at all! I’m used to fishing where you cast your line out and wait until you feel a little nibble before reeling it in. Some times you catch the fish and sometimes you don’t. So after catching over 16 fish in less than 30 minutes, I quit. It was just too darn easy!